Tea & Scones at The Chantry, Morpeth

If someone told me I had to live on nothing but tea and scones for a month, I would not be disappointed. I’d be jumping for joy. There’s nothing better than a freshly home-baked scone just out the oven, all warm and steaming and soft, slathered in butter and jam, accompanied by a lovely hot brew. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know I was living near Newcastle city centre, and have recently moved to a market town called Morpeth in Northumberland. One thing I always found the city lacked, was good tea rooms. It was all big brands, and there was very few places you could go for a nice cuppa and some proper home-baked cakes and bakes. So moving to a nice little market town was like Christmas for me! It’s got plenty of smaller restaurants and coffee shops, and when I moved here I heard great things about a tiny little tea room called The Chantry Tea Rooms which, conveniently, is about a sixty second walk from my house! I tried it out last week. And then went back again at the weekend! Both times I had tea and scones. Naughty me not trying something new! But was it worth it? 100%. Read More