A Day Out in York

Who doesn’t love a day out in York? My fiance and I absolutely love this city. We’ve been a few times before, and on Saturday we went for a day trip to visit Rhys’s uncle, aunt and cousin, and I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favourite things to do on a day in York! There’s so many cool attractions, especially all the medieval ones like the Jorvik Viking Centre, the Minster and the Railway Museum, but I usually save these for if I’m visiting York for a long weekend rather than a day trip, because I like being able to spend lots of time in each and there’s too much to go round in the one day as well as the town! So I usually keep my day trips to the city centre and the shops and streets, so that’s what we’ll focus on today! 

We arrived at about 11am and it was a scorcher of a day! Well, it got up to about 21℃… I’d say that’s pretty hot for our country! We had a wander round some of the little streets then went for lunch. We went to Pizza Express. I know, I know. Not very exciting when there’s lots of nice restaurants in York! However we had Rhys’s younger cousin who loves Pizza Express so we just went with it! Plus we had cleverly picked the Saturday of the darn royal wedding so most places were totally full for lunch! But we managed to get a lovely table outside on the balcony so we could soak up the sun. And wave at all the people on the boast passing on the river down below. Now, I’m not generally a big fan of this place but the meal was actually really nice! We started off sharing some of the Dough Balls Doppio, which comes with three mini dips of green pesto, pestorissa (which is a sort of spiced tomato dip) and garlic butter. For my main course, I went with the Cannelloni which was absolutely lovely! The cannelloni was filled with spinach and ricotta, and covered with cheese and a tomato sauce. It had loads of flavour and was just the right amount to fill me up…with a little room for dessert of course! Rhys has the Bolognese Rigatoni which was also nice! The beef and mushroom bolognese was in a lovely rich red wine and tomato sauce, and was cooked to perfection! I couldn’t have managed any sides, but I did try one of Rhys’s uncle’s Polenta Chips, which was gorgeous! I could have eaten an entire pot of them after all! They had a nice crisp outside, and were super soft and unbelievably fluffy in the middle, and came with a lovely honey and mustard dip. For dessert, I went with one from the Dolcetti menu (that’s the one where you get a mini dessert and a coffee or tea!). As soon as I saw the Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake I was sold! It was a mini cheesecake slice, with a soft biscuity base, a layer of biscoff, a layer of cheese filling, and a biscoff biscuit on top. Dear god. I could have eaten ten! It was super soft and creamy and the biscoff flavour was just enough! So after all, I would definitely go back again for this menu! Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos as we were sat out on the balcony and the sun was shining right down on us so it was way too bright to get any photos, no matter which angle I tried!

After lunch we had another mooch around the city centre for a few hours. One of the shops we never fail to visit is The Grimoire Bookshop. It’s just along from the Minster and is great if you enjoy finding old books, and sometimes the slightly more obscure kind! It’s just a little second hand shop, so you can generally get books at a decent price. They also have a good selection of comics too, if you’re looking for something a little bit different! Rhys can spend hours in this place! We also paid a quick visit to OG Games, down a little side street off Whip-Ma Whop-Ma Gate. Literally the best street name ever. It’s just a really small games shop, but it’s great for finding games that are a little less mainstream than the ones you usually find in typical games shops! If you’re looking for something a little different, this place is great! Although it is quite small so there’s not always a massive selection.

We also couldn’t come and not visit the Harry Potter shops! The last time Rhys and I were here none of these shops were there, so it was a nice to be able to visit them this time! I loved them all! I’m quite a fan of Harry Potter so loved all of the shops! It does seem like a lot of shops dedicated to this wizard on the one street, but since the Shambles were the inspiration behind Diagon Alley, why not?? They had some pretty cool (albeit a little pricey!!) stuff, including wizard chess sets, wands, games, jewellery and, my personal favourite, a fluffy ‘The Monster Book of Monsters’! They’re all relatively similar, but it’s definitely worth a look around them all!


One of my favourite shops in York has to be the York Soap Shop! It smells UH-MAZING!!! It’s really quite quaint and girly, and has a really good collection of different soaps and other bath & body care items. They do some of the usual quirky soaps like cake slices and cupcakes, but they also do some really unusual ones like flower pots, macarons and even fish in a bag! They also have some other lovely things such as bath truffles and bonbons, and some really cute gift boxes! And to be honest, price-wise, it’s not bad! You wouldn’t really pay any more in here than you would in the likes of Lush. I did try to get some photos but since we had typically picked the busiest day of the week I couldn’t get any without peoples hands or bags in the shots! Check out the website though and you’ll see! The shop next door is one that cannot be missed either! It’s called The Imaginarium, and I believe it’s actually part of the soap shop. It’s basically an interior decoration shop with the most unusual and quirky items! Now this one is definitely on the expensive side, however it’s great for a little mosey around! They have selections of cute bottles, including even little test tube shaped bottles, with labels, and some animal head wall vases, which can be attached to the wall and used as storage for the likes of pens, or to showcase a small selection of artificial flowers! They also have some quirky artwork, unusual cushions and lots of other little homeware bits and bobs!


The last place we visited is my favorite place in York. The Fudge Kitchen! I’m sure you’ve been to one of their stores, but if you haven’t, go! Now. Their fudge is the best thing ever. The prices are slightly eye-watering, often averaging at about £5 a slice, but I don’t mind paying that for an occasional treat, and it is the best fudge around! It’s got a slight crunch around the very edges and the middle is unbelievably soft and gooey. I usually go for one of the chocolate or toffee flavours. I love the dark chocolate and orange and the Belgian chocolate ones, and the toffee flavour. I decided to try something a little different this time, and went for their royal wedding inspired flavour, Lemon and Elderflower. It was amazing!! I really hope they keep this one going, as it would be a perfect addition for summer! For a fudge, the flavours actually make it really light and refreshing, although it is super sweet so I could only manage a little at a time! The lemon flavour is there, but it’s really subtle, which lets the elderflower shine through, and it’s just amazing!

I hope you enjoyed my favourite things to do during a day out in York! Let me know some of your favourite things to do here!