Testing ‘I Heart Revolution’ Nudes

So, if you got here through my Instagram post, you’ll know that I’m trying to get a little bit more confident with using makeup. I always see all over Instagram and YouTube these makeup pros; girls that are super confident with using makeup, can expertly apply beautiful bright colours and somehow end up with a flawless look that looks like it’s been applied by a professional MUA. And they look amazing. If I tried that, I’d probably look like a box of Crayola had exploded all over me. You rarely see the ‘normal’ girls like me, who aren’t particularly confident at applying makeup, or deciding which colours would go best, or familiar with all these fancy techniques. So, normal girls, this is for you! I love trying out new makeup and my current favourite brand is I Heart Revolution. I think I may have a slight obsession to be honest! They have a great range of products, with beautiful colours and come in super pretty packaging. I’ve gone for the Nudes range today… we’re starting off simple, ok?!

So the first product I tried was this Nudes Mini Chocolate Palette. The mini palettes are amazing. They have eight shades and are compact with a little mirror, so perfect for popping in your handbag. This is quite a shimmery palette, with three matte shades and five shimmery shades, so I did end up looking ever so slightly like a disco ball by the end! For only being a mini palette and having a limited number of shades, it actually has a really nice range, from warm and cool browns, to a peachy brown, to coppery and gold shimmer shades. The shades don’t have names in the mini palettes, but I used the top left light shimmery shade on the inner corners of my lids, the warm matte brown (top right) on the outer corner of my lids, blended into the creases and just under my bottom lash lines, then the shimmery gold (bottom right) in the middle of my lashes then blended them a little.

I found the darker shades especially are quite pigmented, but they are a little on the dusty side. So don’t drop the palette or you’ll have a helluva mess to clean up. Although the person most likely to need that advice is me.

I then used the Blushing Hearts highlighter in Iced Hearts. It’s called a ‘triple baked blusher’…but it’s definitely a highlighter!  I’m never very sure which highlighter to go for, but I think I’ve found the perfect one! I have quite pale skin with pinky undertones, so this highlighter is perfect. The I Heart Revolution highlighters come in a little heart shaped box, and there are six sets which have three strips of different shades: two highlights, one more bronze style. It’s a great little set up as the shades in each box work great either individually, or blended together. I liked the look of the Iced Hearts one best, as the highlights are quite pink, with a slightly coppery bronze. I blended the two highlights together and swept down the bridge of my nose and across my cheekbones. Although I have cheeks that resemble a hamster that’s stuffed it’s cheek pouches with as many food pellets as physically possible so I just have to guess where my cheekbones would be. One thing I really loved about this product is the feel. Because it’s a baked highlighter, it is in a powdery form, but because it started off as a cream it has more of a creamy feel and goes onto my dry skin with ease. It’s super shimmery and I’ve never used a highlighter quite like it. I actually liked it so much I used it just under my eyebrows as well. You could probably see me from the moon now.

Lastly, I used the Multiliner. They have a few of these, and I wasn’t able to get the Nudes one, which has Natural, Mauve, Pale Pink, and Nude Brown lip liners, so I went for the next closest one…which, doesn’t appear to have it’s own name. But it’s pretty similar to the Nudes one, and has Black, Brown, Nude and Pink Nude, although the Pink Nude is the only lip liner and the others are eye liners, which is probably better for me anyway as I don’t wear a lot of nude on my lips. I do love these multiliners as they are just like those multi colour retractable click pens you would sit and play with….and try and fail to click down more than one at a time and end up breaking it. Never learned. Anyway. Obviously, if this thing broke you’d be gutted as you’d lose 4 liners instead of just one, but it seemed sturdy enough. I used the Brown to line all around my eyes, then used the black to do just the outer corners of my eyes. I finished it off with my own Collection brow kit and Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.

I apologise for the dreadful quality of the photo…I will get a half decent camera one day! But that’s the finished look. Subtle but nice colours and very easy to use for someone like me who is rubbish at makeup.

Let me know if you’ve tried ‘I Heart Revolution’ and if they have any products you love!